Benefits Of Pairing Green Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning


Impress Your Clients

A clean office helps show that you are a well-organized business that cares about the work you do. Walking into a messy office might set off red flags for your potential clients as this creates a disconnect between the quality services you offer and the actual appearance of your workspace. A company with dirty desks or trash everywhere gives the impression that they do not care about their work environment so they likely do not care about the work they do. Regular janitorial cleaning in your commercial office will impress your clients and give your business a boost. It is one more way to ensure that the space you present to clients reflects your company values.

Keep Your Employees Hardworking

Much like clients, your employees may make subconscious assumptions based on the cleanliness of their work environment. A dirty workplace might lead your employees to assume that you do not care as much about keeping your business in its best condition. Furthermore, an office that the boss makes or keeps dirty gives the impression that the employees can do the same. A filthy workspace can be distracting and disruptive to those who are trying to get work done. Hiring office cleaning services to maintain a spotless environment helps show your employees you care and keeps them working their hardest.

Continued Upkeep Of Your Building

There are certain daily cleaning tasks, such as throwing away trash or cleaning off desks, that your staff can likely complete on their own. However, it may be harder to find time for larger tasks that only need to be done occasionally. Additionally, if you do not have a dedicated team whose job is to find and fix any messy areas, there may be portions of your building or office that no one checks. This can result in problems that go unnoticed. One of the biggest advantages to a routinely scheduled janitorial service is maintaining the overall upkeep of your company space. By having people regularly checking and cleaning every corner of your building, you will be notified right away when something is not working right or when there is an area that needs special attention.

Prevent Workplace Accidents

If your workplace is a mess and has many items out where they do not belong, you could end up responsible if there is an accident. With items in their correct spots, it is less likely that one of your employees will trip.


Networking Tips for Commercial Cleaning Companies

As a business owner or manager, do you cringe at the thought of having to “network” to grow your cleaning company? If so, you need to get over it, because networking is the best way to meet people and build relationships, which is the cornerstone of growing a successful cleaning business.

If you feel uncomfortable with the thought of networking, then change the way you think about it. Most of us think that networking is an activity, an event to attend, or “something I need to do” to market the business. Instead, view networking as an attitude or a skill to develop. It is something that can become a part of what you do every day.

Plan Ahead

When you’re ready to start networking at local events like chamber of commerce meetings or Business Networking International (BNI) lunches, decide what you want to accomplish. Networking isn’t about seeing who collects the most business cards. How many times have you attended an event and then let the pile of cards sit on your desk?

Conversation Skills

To network effectively, you need to be able to carry on a conversation with people you meet

Work the Event

Now that you have an idea of how to change your attitude about networking and how to keep the conversations moving, take action. Be proactive. Instead of waiting for people to approach you, take the initiative and walk up to a stranger who looks like they could use someone to talk to and introduce yourself. Ask about their business. They’ll be relieved someone is taking an interest in their business and will eventually ask about yours.


Office Cleaning Tips and Hacks

No one likes a messy office or workspace to try and conduct business from. Whether you have a professional commercial cleaning company to handle majority of all cleaning tasks or not, there are still little things throughout the office that are constantly getting dirty on a daily basis that a few office cleaning tips can definitely help out with!

Maybe your office only requires office cleaning services every so often to maintain overall exceptional cleanliness and doesn’t need daily, or as frequent cleaning services as another business may. However, this doesn’t mean that the other smaller things that tend to easily get dirty much faster than everything else between your scheduled commercial cleaning services staff comes in has to stay dirty until they arrive next time. You also don’t have to stress over putting in a ton of time yourself to maintain cleanliness of all smaller aspects around your office between commercial cleaning services.

What types of things are we talking about? Dirty break room microwaves, dusty computer monitors, coffee mug stains left on your desk, and everything else in between. These things are not only annoying to have to try to consistently clean, but can be real time wasters if you don’t know of any office cleaning tips for a quick, easy solution to knock them out when needed. This is why we’ve put together this list of 8 office cleaning tips and hacks to help you quickly and easily tackle these things!

Dirty Office Microwave Cleaning Hack

First on our list of office cleaning tips tackles something we all know and can relate to the constant struggle with… the office microwave. However, cleaning it up doesn’t have to take nearly as much effort or be anywhere close to how disgusting we may think it’ll be when we open that microwave door up to a horrific mess.

Dirty Keyboard Cleaning Hack

Something that’s not only found consistently throughout offices, but that’s common in almost every type of business these days, is our much depended on computer keyboards. From dust, dirt, lint, food crumbs, and everything else in between, without some good office cleaning tips to count on, these things can get super dirty, super fast!


Tips for Starting Your Own Commercial Cleaning Company

Be Strategic About Picking the Right Territory

Your service area can play a big role in how quickly you grow a successful cleaning business. Pick too large of an area and you run the risk of spending most of your working hours commuting. Choose a too-small territory and you may struggle to find customers, especially if other cleaners are already in the area.

Here are a few recommendations for picking a territory that works for you:

Don’t spread out too much; focus on a couple of neighborhoods that are easy to get to

Include neighborhoods that are dense in housing (if you live in a more rural area, you may need to expand your territory)

Keep your cleaning territory within 15 to 25 miles of your business’ home base.

Find Help With Your Marketing Musts

Marketing plays a crucial role in bringing customers to the door, but it also takes up a lot of time and energy. Consider outsourcing some of your biggest marketing projects to people who can help, whether they’re family members or freelancers who fit within your budget.

Insure Your Cleaning Business

When you’re just starting out your commercial cleaning business, you may be tempted to save money wherever possible. Although business insurance seems like something you can put off until you’re bigger, you need a policy as soon as you start marketing your services.

Get Creative About Putting Your Name out There

Getting your first customer can be tricky, but there are creative ways to let the world know your cleaning business is taking on clients



Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, nobody likes dirty and messy workspace. Cluttered commercial space not only leaves a bad impression on clients but also reduces the overall productivity of an organization.

Being an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to give your staff a neat, hygienic, and positive working environment for the success of your business. No matter whether your office is big or small, regular cleaning is vital. You can arrange fun-loving tasks to bring awareness about cleanliness among your employees. You can also approach towards the Green-clean policy to sustain healthy and hygienic workspace.

Stay organized

Keep your office organized on a daily basis if you want a clean and mess-free working environment. Take a look at your workplace and de-clutter if you are beginning to see papers all around the office. Also, provide drawers to your employees to let them manage their files and other paperwork in one place. Desk trays and wall pockets are very useful for storing essential paperwork.

Create a cleaning checklist

Before taking up the commercial cleaning task, make sure you create a well-defined checklist that will help you get the job done on time. The checklist will include all the areas of your office that need cleaning, including reception, conference room, workstations, desks, kitchen, washrooms, etc. This will reduce the chances of mistakes and also save your precious time.

Thorough carpet cleaning

Most of the hidden dust tracked onto the carpet sifts down inside its fibers, making vacuuming an essential part of any office cleaning regimen. Since carpet collects most of the harmful bacteria and dirt, make sure you give it a deep cleaning.