How to Make Your Moving Experience Less Stressful

No matter how you put it, there is nothing calming about getting up and moving your family and all your belongings to a new location. You are already worrying about your family members, the pets, new schools, and a potentially new work place; not to mention the heaping pile of boxes that aren’t going to pick themselves up. I wrote this article as sort of a list of questions to ask yourself in order to decide if you need to hire a moving company for your big day.

If you are planning or in the process of moving, one of the last things you really want to think about is the mass amount of things in your home. However, it may be the most important thing to consider when deciding whether or not to hire a moving company. You need to consider the amount of items you have, and the weight of them as well. A great moving company will supply you with a crew that can help you to organize your belongings, box them up, and haul them out of the old home. With specially designed trucks, you wouldn’t have to worry about the handling of your objects compared to you just stuffing your items in the back seat of your car. And especially if you are moving a long distance away, you will need the help of a trustworthy crew while you relax the whole way to your new home. Of course, as soon as you get there, you can expect your moving crew to unload the truck and yet again, allow you to relax and focus on where you want your strong movers to place your things.

Short Term Storage Options

For local or long distance moves where you require overnight or very short term storage (a few days) please talk with your moving consultant, they can explain the options available to you. If they aren’t able to offer secure storage – consider hiring a different moving company. You need to know that your household belongings will be stored safely and securely, they probably represent a good portion of your net worth, not to mention the sentimental value of things like photos, memory boxes and items inherited from your ancestors.

Sometimes the moving company will place your shipment inside one of their secure warehouses for any short term storage of more than a few days. If this is your best option you might find that your items are left in their original container, which is then placed inside the climate controlled warehouse. It’s also possible that your belongings will be offloaded into the warehouse and stored in big containers (though your possessions shouldn’t be mixed up with other people’s shipments!) Certain big items (couches, for instance) might be placed on special racks for storage. All your items should remain wrapped and padded as it was inside the moving truck. Your moving consultant will be able to let you know exactly how your items will be organized during short term storage.

Moving Estimates

When you ask for moving estimates, many times companies will only provide you with the total cost of the entire move. The best way to compare estimates to find the right moving company is to ask for estimates that break down each component of the move such as the cost of the truck, the cost of the hours the movers will be packing and unpacking your possessions, and so forth. This will help you compare the different moving companies.

If you are moving, consider carefully the company you hire to move your possessions. There are three important tips that can help you make your move go smoothly and ensure that you get the best price possible.