Must Know What Need To Prepare Before Home Renovation

Exterior Home Renovation Ideas to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Ways To Bring Charm To Your Home’s Exterior

Hang a lantern. Bring depth and definition to a flat facade with the right light fixture. A traditional gas lantern like the one shown here (also available in an electric version) looks right at home on a farmhouse (modern or not), colonial or other traditional-style home. Try nautical-style lanterns on a cottage or Cape Cod–style home.

Change the door. A door of a different style can make a big impact. Consider choosing a new door that incorporates panes of glass, like the one shown here or in the previous photo — the glass lightens up a heavy facade. Search for a door that matches the architectural style of your home but has more detail, a more solid construction or lets in more light than your current door.

Add a gate. A low masonry or wood fence paired with a wood or metal gate can add presence to your home’s exterior. When accompanied by landscaping in front of and beyond the gate, it draws the eye in, making even a small front yard feel deeper.


Add a Portico

At first, this may seem like a much more involved improvement than most. But even a small portico placed above your front door supported by L-brackets will instantly add dimension and become the focal point of the front of your home.

If you take it one step further and build a portico supported by columns, now you have one more element to add interest to the curb appeal, and a setting for other elements, like potted plants, porch railings and even adding a light fixture to the portico.

Build a Covered Porch

If you want to take the portico idea even further along, a full-fledged front porch is the way to go. Again, this one can be the setting for other curb appeal enhancing elements, like a porch swing.



Start by looking at samples of your cladding choices in situ at different times of the day. Ask your supplier if they can give you new and aged samples to see how your home will look freshly clad and a few months down the line. Make sure the weight of your chosen cladding or render is suitable for your property, as some materials are heavier than others.

  • PVCu cladding is one of the most inexpensive options. Coloured or wood-effect PVCu is comparable in price to timber boarding. Low-maintenance and easy to clean, it should last for up to 20 years. Some PVCu cladding has a cellular core that offers good thermal resistance.
  • Laminate cladding such as that made by Trespa, is made by compressing impregnated paper or wood fibres and epoxy, phenolic or polypropylene resin. Durable and scratch-resistant, it can have coloured pigments added to the surface during curing, making a variety of colours and finishes possible. Virtually impervious to weather, it can also be cleaned very easily.
  • Composite cladding such as Corian or HI-MACS made by LG Hausys, is made up of stone powder and high-quality acrylic resins with pigments to add colour. Highly weather-resistant, it can be easily cleaned, moulded and fitted. Brick slips look like solid bricks but are actually 2-2.5cm deep ‘tiles’ made from clay – either kiln-fired as preformed slips, or sawn from the face of standard clay bricks. Cladding panels with a brick finish and interlocking prefabricated boards are also available.
  • Stone tiles are of a similar construction to brick slips, and are split from genuine stone. They are ideal for a more traditional look, offering a cost-effective and lightweight alternative to building with natural stone.



What are the most used exterior house colors?

In general, most people tend to play it safe with their choice of house color. They tend to pick colors that are light. Today, and in recent history, white is the most popular trend in home coloring.

White is almost always a sure thing as it’s a clean color that shows up well and has the potential to be personalized with vivid borders. When taking shutters and trim into account, white and blue has proven to be a household favorite for years [source: Behr]. The combination makes sense as white is already popular on its own and blue is such a versatile companion.

There are hundreds of shades of blue, all of which match white well. Deciding among them depends on two main factors. One of these factors is your preference, along with the mood you’re trying to create. The second depends on your climate. In the south, bright vivid blues work well in the more open and bright landscapes. Up north, deeper grey-blues fit into landscapes populated by evergreens and match the skies of the seasonal weather.

Other popular colors of house exteriors are cream, beige, yellow and light-hued versions of grey, blue and green. Among darker colors, brown is quite popular.


How to Modernize an Old House or Traditional Space


As one of the most used rooms in the house, the kitchen is a good place to start—and you have a lot of options for modernizing the kitchen. Many DC area homes have small, cramped, outdated kitchens. Often just a couple small updates, like upgrading your appliances, refacing or repainting your cabinets, or adding decorative contemporary pieces can give your kitchen a new modern look.

Often, though, it may be necessary to (or you may want to):

  • Install minimalist, modern style cabinetry
  • Update the countertops (stainless steel has a sleek, contemporary look)
  • Add a new kitchen island (space permitting)
  • Add a window or door to bring in more natural light

Our team will ask you questions about your lifestyle, needs, and design tastes and work with you to ensure the update will work well with your home and enhance both the appearance and functionality of the kitchen.


The bathroom is another important room. Again, you have a lot of different options, whether you just want to make a few surface-level updates or transform the entire room.

  • Update any old, faded, dull, or dirty tile
  • Update lighting or light fixtures
  • Change outdated faucets to sleek chrome or nickel
  • Bring in a new, modern color scheme—a modern black and white, for instance, or one that uses strategically placed splashes of color
  • Install a new frameless glass shower door

There are many more things you can do than this, but these are some popular techniques for modernizing bathrooms.