Trend To Slash High Rise Commercial Electrical Remodel Bills Sweeps Industry

Commercial Electrical

With tight budgets and competing operational schedules, overseeing a construction job is never easy. Whether you’re facing a large-scale new construction project or simple electrical repairs, you need an experienced commercial electrical contractor to get the job done right.

Electric has successfully completed hundreds of electrical jobs on time and on budget. From diagnosis and repair to installations and upgrades, our team of licensed electricians can tackle even the most complex electrical issues.

When you need expert commercial electrical contractors, take advantage of decades of experience in electrical consulting and engineering services. Our team of licensed electrical contractors can successfully complete your commercial project and offer consulting services that save you time and money.



Offer a variety of electrical services to commercial customers including generator installation, rennovation, and design and blue prints up to 800 amps. Licensened and insured, we have years of experience with commercial applications

Services We Offer

Residential New Construction

Repairs, or Remodels Commercial

New Construction Banks, Malls, and Restaurants

Industrial: Fuel depot, and Other Fuel Plants

Hospital New Construction CT Scan, X-Ray, MRI, Offices, and Patient Care Areas


Generator Installations

Service Repairs Pole Bases

Site Lighting Design Build

Engineering up to 800 amps

Renovation of 155 units, replacement of 3000 amp switchgear and associated feeders, all HVAC feeders and controls in three 10 story buildings

Project included additions of 40 garages, tennis court lighting and lighting controls, site lighting and lighting controls, pool power, lighting, bonding and controls, and 100-slip dock with separate service and grounding. Entire buildings taken down to frame and re-engineered/re-built

UPS CONVEYOR EXPANSION: Installation of necessary equipment for multi-layer conveyor installation. Work included installation of 50 bucket motor control center, branch circuits for 65 conveyor drives, control wiring, installation of 100+ start/stop/reset control stations, lighting, running signal devices, panels, transformers, audible devices, and all necessary conduit system. Renovation of existing building as well as 30k square foot addition.



Entrusting the electrical wiring of your home or business to a low voltage contractor is not a decision made lightly. diagnose and repair all your electrical needs, provide maintenance to any electrical system, conduct inspections and provide documentation to ensure your home or business is in compliance with regulatory codes.

provides residential electrical services in the region from a qualified and certified company specializing in lighting installations and other services that include:

Landscape and security lighting

New construction electrical

Hot tub and spa electrical

Ceiling fan installation

Residential electrical

Residential Surveillance Systems

Commercial Surveillance Systems

Exterior lighting installation

Remodeling electrical

Electrical repair

Lighting installation

Standby generators

Panel Upgrades

Solar panels


Commercial Electric

Electric thrives on giving our customers superior service in the area’s of commercial, industrial and residential. Our Service department does repairs, remodels and new installations of all types. Our technicians also do emergency repairs, installations and facility maintenance 24/7. We do projects as small as 1 hour to large complex projects.

Install / Service / Repair

from 12 volt to 480 volt

Panel upgrades from 100 to over 2,000 amps

Lighting repair – ballasts / lamps / fixtures

Lighting retrofits, APS and SRP rebate qualified

Communication / data cabeling

Sub panels of all sizes

Surge protection

Additional circuits and devices


Parking Lot Lighting

Installation & maintenance

Pole & pole base repairs/replacement

Underground circuitry repair/replacement

Specialty Services

Uninterupted power supply (UPS systems and data rooms)

Power quality monitoring

Kitchen fire suppression (Ansul systems)

Energy management systems (EMS)

Variety of specialty testing

Preventative maintenance

Service and panel inspections, recommended annually


1 year warranty on all work

100% satisfaction guarantee

Live operator 24 hours a day

24/7 service


Commercial Electrical

Commercial Electric Services

Every business thrives on electricity. It not only allows everyone to do their work, but if done correctly, it can actually boost productivity. That’s why a quality commercial job requires extra skill over home electrical repairs and installations, to keep the business running effectively and profitably.

What are the benefits of a commercial electrical panel inspection?

The benefits of a commercial electrical panel inspection include:

Making sure your company’s electrical systems are in good working order.

Preventing future failures from happening, saving money on expensive emergency repairs and pricey business interruptions.

Keeping the people in the building safe from fire and electrocution.

How do you know if a GFCI outlet is bad in my commercial building?

There are a few ways to tell if your GFCI outlet is not working properly:

If the outlet trips far more frequently than it used to, it probably needs to be replaced. GFCIs become worn out over time and use.

There are circuit testers you can use to determine if the outlet is functioning properly.

Many GFCIs have indicator lights built in that will go out if the outlet is not working

Are the outlets in my commercial building grounded?

Chances are that yes, the electrical outlets in your commercial building are indeed grounded. Any outlet with three-prong plugs is a grounded outlet. The grounding wire connects to the round third hole and protects against any electric current that could escape. Older buildings, however, could still have outlets using two-prong outlets that are most likely not grounded

Electric brings a multitude of benefits to every commercial job, including:

Leading edge products, techniques and training

A system custom-tailored to your business’ unique power needs

A job that surpasses code and building standards

A safe and unobtrusive work environment

Detailed suggestions & up front, worry free pricing

24/7 emergency service